Online Gambling: A Beginner’s Guide

Kinds of Online Casinos

The beginner’s guide to Online Gambling will give full support for the new comers to start with the new and exciting game. Lots of online casinos are available in the market to play online games which you ever have dreamed for. Many such games are installed directly in your system as they are java based software. But still lots of other games require Flash or Shockwave kind of software to run but not the full version of Flash from macromedia to run on your browser.

These kinds of software are known as no-download casinos as they need not much download but still want some of the graphics and sounds to be downloaded to run each time you play the game. Mostly all operating systems can support no-downloaded casino software; this can even work on WebTV also, this is the main benefit of this casino.

The downloadable casinos are also available which are window based. The file sizes normally vary from 5-15 megabytes. So, before investing your time make sure to play this software. As this will take time to download. This software’s are more stable and secure and gives more pleasurable environment while playing. If you want to adventure more awesome online pokies free spins game experience then this casino is really perfect for those having the dial-up connections on their system.

The Bonuses Given

Online casino, as we all know offers a wide variety of bonuses and huge offers which have ever dreamt of. The money test is offered by some of the casinos to test their online games by the players. Mostly online casinos require an initial deposit in your account to receive a bonus. The deposits can be through any method, the various payment options available with the online site. The bonus given will be your percentage of your deposit or can be the fixed amount which is expected for the deposit of some number of dollars in your account. This can be more explained through an example. Suppose, casino can offer you the bonus of $10 as you download the software and $40 if you make your first deposit of $100 within 72 hrs. The time limit would be mentioned in the site. The same type of bonus of around 25% is offered by No. 2 casino for a certain limit. The conclusion for the same can be as bonuses can be offered in any way from the casino.

Mostly importantly, when ever going for an online casino, it’s always advisable to go through the terms and conditions in details. As some casino may offer bonuses on the basis of their terms and conditions. As the validity of the bonuses and various other offers are mentioned in the terms and conditions on the site. It can on the offering page and can also be received through email also if requested. Casinos will always offer you heavy bonuses, as it’s not a big deal for them to have it as because of low overall cost, less staff and less equipment and more over no construction cost is required. They definitely wager your deposit 3 times before you collect the winnings. So it’s very important to go through the exact validity of the bonuses and offers in the Terms and Conditions provided.

All You Need to Know About Online Gambling and Kids


Many people believe that Online Casinos encourage underage kids to visit their web sites, this could not be further from the truth.  It is a misconception that they want them to go anywhere near their sites, and  for many different reasons not just because it is illegal.  Online Casinos only want players who are 18 years old and that know the risk that they are taking. Does underage Online gambling happen?  Unfortunately, it does, however it also even happens at Casinos on land as well.

There are many ways on how to keep are kids out of the Online Casinos, however, it really starts with the parents.  Companies have spent many millions of dollars developing software to keep kids from gambling online as well as other sites that are not meant for kids.  If the parents do not go the extra mile and install these onto their computers then we are still going to have this problem.

There is no substitute for parenting, know what your kids are doing when they are online, when they close that door you do not know what they are doing.  My suggestion to you as a parent is do not have a computer in the kids bedroom, keep it out in the family room because there are a lot worse things on the Internet than Online Casinos.  You can even get  software that tells you where they have been on the Internet and others that keep them from going to web sites with certain keywords, that you program into it.

Parents, also pay attention to there spending habits,  the easiest way to make a deposit at a Online Casino is with a credit/debit card. If your kids are still living at home you have ways to access their credit card transactions.  Obviously you should speak with them before it gets this far but sometimes you are busy and work two jobs, we understand.  It is just very simple to take care of underage gambling,  you do your job and we will do ours.  Now we are not telling you to tell the kids not to ever gamble, just until they have become an adult and can make educated decisions for themselves. Thank You for helping us help you keep the kids safe.


All You Need to Know About Casino Software Part2

Online Casinos are on the rage, not only here in the United States but all over the world.  

One of the unique things about Online Casinos, is that you can play against anyone in the world.  Online Casinos have come a long way since they have been around, there are several different types of software that they use and this makes the Online Casino business competitive.  If you are thinking about playing games on the computer there are a few basic rules you should know before making any deposits.

Rule number 1 is do some research on the Online Casino you are interested in.  You can Google any name of the casinos to find out more about them.  Another way to find out information about them is go to casino news on the web. What you will find is updated news information that tells you what is going on with Online Casinos currently.  What you are looking for is any negative news concerning specific web sites.

Rule number 2, once you have found the Online Casino you want to deal with spend some time playing for free before you make any deposits.  This is very important because there are some games on some websites that are not high payout games.  You need to find the games you feel comfortable playing.  There are so many different New Player programs out there and they will give you free money to start with them.

Once you start making deposits and playing for real you will see that the games are geared to keep you in front of the computer for hours on end. This is a good thing because the longer you are online the better  your odds get.  You might at first want to only play for lets say  1 hour, well if you stay longer you will find that you will start winning more.  You always need to play the max bet, this will raise your payout percentage.  Also remember to take your time while playing, there is no time limit. Sit back and relax, enjoy each game.


All You Need to Know About Casino Software Part1


In the Online Gaming Industry there are so many different styles of software that each Online Casino can choose to use on their web sites.  

The different software’s offer different features from how many games they can have on each web site, to the quality of the graphics on the games as well as the quality of the sound.  There are many other features for example Playback, which provides the player the ability to at any time pause their game and look back on recent plays.  This gives the player an added advantage so they can for example see what cards have been played already.  This feature also gives the player confidence in knowing that the game is playing fair.

As of 2008, there are over 150 different software companies that provide software to all the Online Casinos on the Internet.  This number is growing on a daily basis and the existing software companies are constantly upgrading their software and making improvements and this is great for the players because it makes the industry very competitive.  Each software company has there own special way of designing their web sites by giving certain styles and feels to their games.

One of the software companies is CryptoLogic, they have been in the Casino Software Industry since 1995.  They offer their players some unique features such as Multi-Player games, custom browser windows, and even have  casino environments that use 3D Technology.  They also give the player the option to use the Live-Chat option with their Customer Service. Talking about their Customer Service, they provide the player with 24 hours a day customer support as well as 7 days a week.  They have trained professionals that can help the player with any needs that they might have.

Another software company out there is called RealTime Gaming and they have been around since 1998.  Currently RealTime Gaming is supporting over 70 different Online Casinos and still allows deposits from U.S. players.  Some people say that since 2006 this is why Real Time is still growing very fast and being used all over the world.  RealTime is known for their  high quality progressive slots as well as the Jackpots that they offer are very huge.  At the end of the day you can choose from many different Online Casinos and whatever software they use, so do some research and figure out which one suits your needs.


How to be a Winner at the Online Casino

Historical records show that gambling dates back at least 4,300 years. Traveling through the centuries, games of chance have now found a new home on the Internet. Online casinos offer an unprecedented variety of games in one (virtual) place, paired with a total freedom of choice as to game version, duration of play, and (rule-abiding) player behaviour.

Here are some strategies for you as a player which will help you make the most of the online casino experience. They do not concern individual games, but they will put you in the right mindset.

Play for money or just for fun

Almost every online casino will offer you the option to play for free. If you are a gambling fan of modest means or a strategist eager to test out a new craps system or a poker scenario, this is a great opportunity to be a winner without risking real losses. If your trial is successful, you will be all the readier for the real thing.

Use the bonuses wisely

The most distinct feature of online casinos compared to their offline counterparts is the generous bonus scheme which awaits new players. Some bonuses are a percentage of your first deposit (from 50% to 300%, depending on the casino), and others are deposit-independent. Read the bonus conditions carefully, though. The bonus aims to stimulate you to play more, and you can only cash it out after thousands of wagers, if anything is left of it by then.

Pick your game carefully

If winning is on your mind, do some research before you start betting. While all games are biased towards the house, some put you at considerably higher disadvantage than others. The rule of thumb is, the easier a game is to understand, the less likely you are to profit from it. Before you rush in, try to understand the house’s edge and whether you could minimize it at all.

Be wary of free advices

The Internet is full of strategies which promise you the moon but in reality simply perpetuate the gambler’s fallacy. Casinos have been flourishing for centuries and have global revenues in the hundred billions because they are very hard to beat. A simple set of instructions backed by no math or other authority and published on a blog will not bring them down.

Get comfortable

You are playing on your home ground, so use it well. Keep focused, stay hydrated, and take breaks. Try to stay off alcohol while you are betting. Avoid prolonged gambling spells and quit while you are ahead!

The Best About Different Kinds of Online Poker

Poker is not just a game that holds the power of spinning your fortune; these games have always been and are still played for the sheer fun and excitement it brings along.

Poker is not just a single game; it is a huge collection of several card games that are played either for fun or for making some cash. Today, in this world that is influenced by technology and the Internet, how can poker be left untouched? A large number of online gaming giants have included poker in their arsenal. Most of the virtual poker venues follow the same rules of the classic card game. The enthusiasts just need to have a sound understanding of the basic strategies and concepts of the game, along with a pinch of good luck to be on the winning side of the table.

In pursuit of online poker websites, a dizzying variety of names will come out. These modern-day poker websites provide different rooms, so that the players from all around the globe can join and play with and against other players. Different websites provide different kinds of poker games for their players, which come with their own bonuses and tournament schedules. Though the variety of games provided keep on multiplying with every passing day, some classic and most common games still continue to outshine the popularity of up-and-coming games.

Texas Hold‘em Poker

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most popular variety of poker games available online. It is the same game that every poker enthusiast might have seen on television or at any popular brick-and-mortar casino. The game has two hole cards that are hidden and five community cards that are made visible, along with loads of strategies and excitement that keep the players engaged and craving for more. Limit Texas Hold’em and the No-Limit Texas Hold’em (also called Cadillac) are the two main types of games offered by the online Texas Hold’em forums. Playing the Limit variety first would be a good option as it will enable you to clear the basics before heading to the more intense No-Limit poker.

Seven-Card Stud Poker

Traditional poker players would be well aware of the Seven-Card Stud game, and would still prefer it over the most recent variants. In this game, the players get two community and two private cards. The game starts with a bring-in (a forced bet made by disclosing the smallest card) and is followed by a betting round. After this round, the following three cards are dealt with their face up and each is then followed by more rounds of betting. The final card, which is the poker card, is dealt with it’s face down. There are three types of 7-Card Stud Poker available online, namely Card Stud Hi, Card Stud Hi-Lo and Razz.

Omaha Poker

Omaha is one high-action poker game available for virtual players. The craze of Omaha Poker’s is growing with each passing day and is expected to take this game to new levels of popularity. The game is almost similar to the Texas Hold’em Poker, with only one major difference. In Omaha Poker, the players are given 4 hole cards, out of which only two are used to compromise the last hand. The online poker forums provide two types of Omaha Poker to the enthusiasts. One is the Omaha Hi, in which the highest hand wins the game; and the Omaha Hi-Lo, wherein the winnings are split between the higher and the lower hand.

By having a closer look at both the past and recent histories of each of these games, a much clearer picture can be acquired regarding the present state of the game. Though some rules, strategies and the overall style of playing this classic card game have changed, it is still competent enough to provide the level of fun and excitement that the traditional poker used to deliver.


Books About Online Poker Strategies

One recommended way to improve your skills at online poker is by reading books written by experts on the subject. While there are very few books specifically pertaining to online casinos, the general casino and poker books should suffice. Below is a list where I have compiled the very best casino and poker books.

1. Harrington on Hold’em, Volume 1: Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments: Strategic Play

This book is considered to be one of the definitive books on strategic play in online casinos. The author holds the world champion title at the 1995 World Series of Poker and is considered to be one of the best poker players in the world.

In the book, he explains how to optimize betting patterns, how to play and win the most money possible, how to analyze hands, and more. The strategies listed in the book have withstood the test of time and have proven their ability to turn the tide of a poker game. This is a recommended read for any poker player looking to try out playing professionally.

In addition to volume 1 of his series, there are two other books that go into more detail regarding poker skills and betting strategies. After you have completed the first book, the other two are also good reads.

2. Every Hand Revealed

The critically-acclaimed online poker strategy book, “Every Hand Revealed” is written by Gus Hansen. Poker enthusiasts will know him not only to be the only player who won three world poker tour tournaments but as one of the best professional poker players in the world. He is known for his aggressive style and the analytic way in which he plays a tournament.

In this book, he goes over fundamental poker basics and even delves into advanced poker theory. Not only does he go over his own mathematical analysis before he proceeds with a play but he also explains how you can improve your own poker analysis skills. This is definitely a good read.

3. The Theory of Poker: A Professional Poker Player Teaches You How To Think Like One

In this book, David Sklansky discusses theories and concepts regarding many different variations of poker. Unlike other books, he doesn’t just stop at poker analysis, he also discusses the psychology of the game, how to properly bluff, game theory and more.

While this book has been criticized for not being exactly “beginner-friendly”, once you get over that initial learning curve, this will turn you from an amateur player to a professional in no time at all. This is one of the best poker books available on the market today.