How to be a Winner at the Online Casino

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Historical records show that gambling dates back at least 4,300 years. Traveling through the centuries, games of chance have now found a new home on the Internet. Online casinos offer an unprecedented variety of games in one (virtual) place, paired with a total freedom of choice as to game version, duration of play, and (rule-abiding) player behaviour.

Here are some strategies for you as a player which will help you make the most of the online casino experience. They do not concern individual games, but they will put you in the right mindset.

Play for money or just for fun

Almost every online casino will offer you the option to play for free. If you are a gambling fan of modest means or a strategist eager to test out a new craps system or a poker scenario, this is a great opportunity to be a winner without risking real losses. If your trial is successful, you will be all the readier for the real thing.

Use the bonuses wisely

The most distinct feature of online casinos compared to their offline counterparts is the generous bonus scheme which awaits new players. Some bonuses are a percentage of your first deposit (from 50% to 300%, depending on the casino), and others are deposit-independent. Read the bonus conditions carefully, though. The bonus aims to stimulate you to play more, and you can only cash it out after thousands of wagers, if anything is left of it by then.

Pick your game carefully

If winning is on your mind, do some research before you start betting. While all games are biased towards the house, some put you at considerably higher disadvantage than others. The rule of thumb is, the easier a game is to understand, the less likely you are to profit from it. Before you rush in, try to understand the house’s edge and whether you could minimize it at all.

Be wary of free advices

The Internet is full of strategies which promise you the moon but in reality simply perpetuate the gambler’s fallacy. Casinos have been flourishing for centuries and have global revenues in the hundred billions because they are very hard to beat. A simple set of instructions backed by no math or other authority and published on a blog will not bring them down.

Get comfortable

You are playing on your home ground, so use it well. Keep focused, stay hydrated, and take breaks. Try to stay off alcohol while you are betting. Avoid prolonged gambling spells and quit while you are ahead!